Phenom 100

Light Jet


Information and Technical Specification

The Phenom 100 very light jet is the extraordinary result of clean-sheet design. Cabin design, appointments, seats, windows, lighting and pressurization are all best-in-class.

The jet's spaciousness includes the baggage compartment, the largest in this category and roomy enough for both skis and golf bags, and a private rear lavatory with a hard partition door. Ready when you are. The Phenom 100 flaunts Embraer's elegant engineering.


  • Manufacturer: Embraer
  • Year of manufacture: 2009
  • Code No: 601
  • Type / model: Phenom 100
  • Number of seats: 4
  • Crew: 2 pilots
  • Cruise Speed (kts): 365
  • Max Speed (kts): 390
  • Range (nm): 1,178
  • Price Base: Athens - Greece

Booking: Ask for aircraft availability and specify your trip

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